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Skylar Valli 2018 Bluesfest Kitchener

Classical and early blues influenced piano, soaring distorted guitar solos, a steady pounding backbeat, and catchy melodies are the four ingredients that make up, Skylar Valli.

A four piece band located in southern Ontario consisting of Bryan Cisneros (keys, guitar, bass, vocals), Bradley Schnarr (guitar, bass, vocals), Jacob Hummel (bass, guitar, keys, vocals, drums) and Tyler Shea (drums, guitar, vocals).

Skylar Valli has left a memorable impression on audience members from various venues such as the infamous Toronto rock club, The Rockpile, 2018 Waterloo Strummerfest, 2018 TD Kitchener Blues Festival as well as corporate events in Chicago and New York City. Tyler, Jacob, Bryan and Brad can rely on their multi-instrumentalist abilities alone to drive the power and interest of a live show, though the catchy and interesting originals keep ears perking.

Skylar Valli Kitchener 2018 Blues

With a sound described as, “ The Beatles meets The Beach Boys meets The Black Keys,” Skylar Valli’s original sound is purely influenced by the melodic based sounds of Lennon/McCartney mixed with the bluntness and power that can only come with pounding Led Zeppelin-esque drums and distorted power chords. 

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