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Who is Skylar Valli?

A youthful pop/rock sound. Skylar Valli consists of Tyler Shea, Jacob Hummel, Brad Schnarr, and Bryan Cisneros. Rooted in the classic hard rock and blues genres, their sound is the result of mixing the rock and blues sound with a 60's pop feel. They have created a name for themselves by exploring different sounds from electric guitar, to banjo, to accordion. 

"Definitely not an act to be missed!" -B. Ringwood


Skylar Valli has played various venues such as events in the outskirts of New York City, local Kitchener/Waterloo pubs and restaurants, The Rockpile Club in Toronto and the main stage at the Kitchener Blues Festival.

Debut Album Release

 With a sound described as "a dinner between Paul McCartney and John Bonham in which Eddie Van Halen is the waiter," the album creates an experience that can appeal to most genre lovers from pop, to rock, to reggae, to indie. Look for it as well as their single Ring in the Eye on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and more!


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